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Connecticut Pharmacy Direct is a specialty pharmacy that prides itself on customer satisfaction for both patients and physicians. Our Mission is to Provide Patients with the exact medication that their physician has prescribed for the lowest possible price.

Physicians benefit with our seamless prescribing process and can be confident knowing that patients will receive exactly what the physician prescribes—this, acting as a driving force to make medicine safer and improve healthcare. For patients, we provide all pharmaceutical rebate programs to ensure the best possible price. Medications are also shipped or delivered directly to the patient’s door within three business days, which, in turn, eliminates problematic trips to the pharmacy.

Connecticut Pharmacy Direct is on a mission to augment patient health and well-being by an unyielding dedication to clinical excellence. We accomplish this by providing live assistance in collaborating with physicians, health plans, and manufacturers for patients so that they may address their unique prescription needs and challenges.

"The pioneering way to afford medicine."
Jason McClure, President – CT Pharmacy Direct

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